Ultrasonic Cleaner

When cleaning Jewelry use the strongest Ammonia solution you can find. Jewelry websites have good examples. Simple Green also works well. Fantastic cleaner is very good for jewelry.

Yes, this professional ultrasonic cleaner can clean diamonds, turquoise, and other precious stones.

No, the tank is not designed to be taken out during normal use. To empty the device you remove the basket, unplug the cord from the back and tip the entire unit to pour the solution from one of the corners. For me, emptying it has been neat and easy to do.

Normally, it will clean about 10-15 pieces of jewelry at one time.

Heat Press Machine

It’s super easy to gage it, thin material less pressure versus think fabric more pressure. If I question the pressure I use less, then add more if needed.

Hi, we provide replacement parts if the parts on your item are missing or broken within warranty.
Please contact us through official support email so we can confirm more details.

Press “SET” button, upper display frame shows “SP”; lower display frame shows temperature values, press ▲ or ▼ to increase or decrease temperature. Please read the instructions included for further details. Thank you.

Metal Lathe Machine

Yes, we have digital instruction for this machine. Please contact us by official email for any question. We will offer further assistance to you in a timely manner. Thank you.

There is a tray to catch cutting fluid but there is two holes that are used to bolt it down to the table that will need to be sealed. A rubber washer under that bolt heads would work.

Yes, the lift gate service is included.

The included cutting tools are welding turning tool. You may refer to the listing picture for the complete accessories list. The replaceable blades can be sourced locally or online.