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FAQs answers to your frequently asked questions.

  • Where can I purchase additional remote controls?
    Extra Creworks remote control is available at:
  • I have purchased extra Creworks remotes. How to program them to my TOPENS swing gate opener?
    Please refer to the “How to Program the Remote to the Opener” section of the user manual of the gate opener.
  • I have a dual swing gate opener. When I press the remote, one arm could swing open and close, but the other arm does not move.
    Please exchange the wiring of the two arms on the control board. If the faulty arm works well and the other good arm starts to have problems, the control board is defective.
    On the contrary, if the faulty arm still has a problem, the problem is from the motor or the limit switch.
    In this case, please connect the black & red wire of the arm directly to the 24V fully-charged batteries or your AC/DC power supply. Then switch the polarity of the wires. If the arm could extend and retract, the motor is good and the limit switch is defective. Please contact our tech support team ( for warranty service.
  • The motor runs but the arm does not extend or retract.
    Release the clutch with the release key and put the actuator in the middle position. And then turn back the clutch and try again.
    If in this case, the opener could move, and then slide the outer limit switch inward slightly and fix it.
    If the opener still does not work, the problem might be from the clutch or the motor. You need to contact tech support (
  • Can I use my remotes from other brand to operate your gate opener?
    There is advanced CREWORKS code built in for security reason. Only CREWORKS authorized wireless accessories are allowed to use.
  • Who do I contact for warranty?
    For warranty, please contact us via our Service Email: Be sure to provide the Product Model, Date & Site Purchased and Order #. Any pictures or videos to show the working condition and wire connection of the opener system will be helpful. Our customer support specialists will reply you and offer the most professional help within 24 hours. We at CREWORKS are always standing by and ready to help.
  • Can I use my POBOX address?
    P.O.Box is not supported. We only accept street address.
  • When will my order be shipped?
    Free shipping within continental U.S. by 3-7 working days delivery.