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Customer Reviews

I have always wanted an ultrasonic cleaning machine and was given the opportunity to try this out. I don’t have a ton of experience with these and didn’t know what to expect. I used this to deep clean my bolt carrier group as it had tons of carbon build up and struggled getting it to what I wanted. I was blown away at how good this works! It makes a faint weird noise but not loud and the crud that comes off is amazing. I’m going to use this for all kinds of tools and parts. I’m happy I have this and recommend!

Gilbert S.

very useful for cleaning all things in my small engine shop. tools, carburetors, you name it. i buy purple power and use that for all my needs. does great on everything. beats scrubbing by hand. may have to agitate tough items with toothbrush halfway thru then drop back in. easy peasy! the heater on my particular unit seems quite slow tho.

P. Bailey

	Hot Air Gun Rework Station

This soldering station could be very helpful to beginners as well as professionals. This soldering station is helpful for repairing any things. since it comes with 8 different tips we can use any tips as we like on the basis of which type of repairing on what type of product. similarly, heat gun also worked fine, for the first time you will smell bad as like something is burning but it is good. Manual Temperature Set, hot air control, everything is perfect and I am impressed.


We had this installed by an electrician friend of ours, so I cannot say how difficult it is to install, however, it is going strong! We have a 16 foot roll gate that is not level, yet this little motor pulls it open with no issues or hangups. They are easy to connect and we bought several for family so when they come over, we don't have to walk outside to open the gate for them. We even installed a key pad in case we (or family/friends) don't have a controller. I'd say it's a really good product for the price.


After looking at these for the last two years I decided to spend a few bucks on the 10L Creworks. The photos are before and after on a 20hp Honda carb after a 20 minute run in the the ultrasonic cleaner (Not perfect but very good). I am very pleased with the results and after another 20 minute run the carb looked and functioned perfectly. I've ran 3 carburetors through this machine so far and my only regret was not buying one years ago. This little machine has already impressed me and I hope it holds up to the test of time. Wish I took before and after pics of the last one I ran at 55c for 30 minutes, left me and my buddy speechless, and his sons quad runs flawlessly now. Worth every penny!

Bryan King

STRENGTHS:To begin with, the station comes with a dedicated heat-gun and a solder tool, each helped me make quick work of repairing my Macbook Pro's backlight fuse. (I had to order a new backlight fuse on my computer after it shorted)Low price--other similar stations cost almost 30% more, with less features and this prices out some of the top-line solder stations. I was also surprised at the fact that these came with 5 other solder tool points-- (NOT SURE IF YOU CAN BUY SEPARATELY-)--only had to use this station about three times so far on three separate soldering projects, but each time the station starts up as effectively as the first time over the span of a year.



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