Soldering Rework Station

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    Introducing the CREWORKS Soldering Rework Station collection, designed to meet the needs of professional soldering and rework tasks. Each station combines advanced technology, precision control, and ergonomic design for optimal performance. Experience efficient temperature management, quick heat-up times, and versatile functionality. With durable construction and intuitive operation, CREWORKS Soldering Rework Stations are the ideal choice for electronics repair, circuit board soldering, and various DIY projects. Elevate your soldering experience with our reliable and high-quality collection.

    3 products
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    2-in-1 SMD Rework Station - Upgraded with Hot Air Gun, Solder Iron, LED Display
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    858D Rework Station - 110V SMD Soldering & Hot Air Heat Gun Set
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    High Capacity Low Noise Soldering Station: 2-in-1 SMD Rework with Digital LED Screens
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